The Blue Climate Initiative is a global ocean and climate effort of Tetiaroa Society, a nonprofit organization that runs scientific research, conservation, and education programs on the island of Tetiaroa in French Polynesia. From its roots in French Polynesia, the Blue Climate Initiative is now a flagship program of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.  We invite your support in advancing our mission of protecting the ocean and accelerating ocean-related strategies to help solve the climate crisis.

Since our inception, BCI has built a compelling network of global experts — from scientists, community groups, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, influencers, and others — to identify and mobilize strategic solutions that leverage the ocean’s potential to tackle humanity’s most urgent challenges. Grounded in a founding compendium publication featuring ocean-based solutions for climate change, it has sparked prize awards for community and private sector solutions, and continues to accelerate a number of initiatives through visibility, awareness raising, international convenings and partnership development.

When you donate to the Blue Climate Initiative, you will be joining a growing community dedicated to protecting the ocean, honoring traditional knowledge, advancing scientific understanding of our marine environment, and accelerating impactful programs to address the climate crisis.

Tetiaroa Society, a nonprofit tax-exempt organization, is the fiscal sponsor of the Blue Climate Initiative. Donations in excess of value of in-kind benefits are deductible to US taxpayers in accordance with applicable law.